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Gateway School of Ministry (GSM) is a 16-month experience that will train and prepare you to either lead a new church plant or to be a team member of a church planting team.

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The school will focus on
3 core studies

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The Word
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How it Works

Think of your training in terms of
climbing a mountain:

The Approach phase
(4 months)

Soaking in the basic truths of leadership, character development and study of God’s Word - getting a firm grip on the fundamentals. During this phase of training, all students will attend a special leadership retreat in the Hill Country.

The Ascent (5 months)

Finding your second wind, digging into to the climb with hands-on ministry training from seasoned leaders and adding important tools along the way. Intermediate leadership training, mentoring relationships, and team formation.

The Summit (7 months)

The vision from time spent training together, praying together, studying God’s word together culminating in the multiplication of churches across this city and the world.

Why GSM?

Gateway doesn’t seek to be ONE large mega church. The vision is to be the catalyst for a network that starts 100 healthy churches who reproduce the same all over the world.

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What You’ll Learn

Gateway School of Ministry is built around 3 main studies: Bible Training, Leadership Development, and ministry-specific internships.

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